Spread Thin



B's verse
Breakdown / Flip (?)


All vocals


Make it POP!



Needs Bonham style drums!
M's verse sets the tone, it's ambient and deep
A powerful, anthem type of hook would be perfect
For B's verse, maybe look for a contrasting vibe

Producer's reference : Electro Pop meets Epic Glitch

Ahmed "Boogie"

Hi! I'm a record producer, engineer & artist making BOLD moves since 2003. I've started Offbeat Pulses to help people make better music while focussing on being their unique selves. Whether you're a singer/songwriter, a musician, or an engineer, I believe we can all benefit from getting our chops up, without ever compromising on our vibe, flow and creativity. Being a workflow fanatic, I constantly come up with new ways to do just that, and I love to share my findings with my tribe. Hope to hear from you soon!