All vocals


“lyrical 70s disco ballad intro”

break on hendrix chord 

“thought of it like a game”
soft drums, rim stick
no bass
acoustic guitar strumming on kick “1” ; “2-and”
very soft & low strings
after “keep it buried within” 3 horn hits on hendrix chord with drum break + bass

“cold blooded stares follow me”
drums + bass tight groove
electric guitar + acoustic guitar
strings thickening slowly

“and the burden of my kin”
the drums soften and open up, lots of ride
strings take the forefront
everything legato & lyrical
(on 2nd verse : gospel choir)

“secrets” hook
add resonant lead synth + lead guitar a la “mercy”
make it pump more, 80s / lofi edge
simmonds 80s drum kit



Good groove & energy on hook
Added drama from the "Dark Necessities" influenced chord progression
Find the right placement for the lead vox on hook - it's gotta be tight!
Find a cool chill arrangement for verses that evolves into the beefy hook

Producer's reference : Indie rock & funk / Jacob Banks "Mercy"

Ahmed "Boogie"

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