All vocals


Make it POP!



Great vibe, nice simple hook
Add edge to the production (esp. drums?)
Find ways to keep arrangement interesting
The vocal interpretation needs to be riveting!

Producer's reference : J. Cole 's "Lights Please" meets T-Pain ft. Dreezy's "Close to You"

Ahmed "Boogie"

Hi! I'm a record producer, engineer & artist making BOLD moves since 2003. I've started Offbeat Pulses to help people make better music while focussing on being their unique selves. Whether you're a singer/songwriter, a musician, or an engineer, I believe we can all benefit from getting our chops up, without ever compromising on our vibe, flow and creativity. Being a workflow fanatic, I constantly come up with new ways to do just that, and I love to share my findings with my tribe. Hope to hear from you soon!